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Tree removal service and tree cutting are crucial for maintaining landscape health and aesthetics. They require skill and precision to remove safely and efficiently. However, not all trees are as easy to cut and remove as others. We have worked hard to develop a modern, precise process to always take on removing Lincoln’s most difficult trees.

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Removing Old Or Dead Trees

Tree Removal & Tree Cutting In Lincoln NE

Tree removal is the complete extraction of a tree from its location. It’s necessary when a tree is dead, diseased, or poses a safety risk. The process involves cutting the tree down and removing the stump. Removal is complex and potentially dangerous, requiring professional expertise. We will evaluate the best method to take down any tree safely. The goal is to minimize the impact on the surrounding area. Stump grinding may follow to leave a clean, level surface. Tree removal is sometimes essential for safety and landscape management.

Benefits Of Removing Unwanted Trees

Tree Removal Service In Lincoln, Hickman, & Waverly, Nebraska



Removing potentially dangerous trees can prevent property damage and personal injury from falling branches or toppling during storms.

Reduced Maintenance

Less debris from leaves, branches, and sap can mean less yard work and gutter cleaning.

Disease Control

Eliminating diseased or pest-infested trees can prevent the spread to healthy trees and plants.

Improved Aesthetics

Removing unsightly or dead trees can enhance the overall appearance of your property.

More Yardspace

Removing trees allows for other landscape features, like gardens, patios, or play areas.

Additional Sunlight

Clearing trees can increase sunlight, benefiting sun-loving plants and improving solar panel efficiency.
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five stars

Chris H

Jordan and his crew were phenomenal! They took care of 5 of my trees, cutting broken limbs, taking limbs away from our house, and thinned them out a bit. The entire process from an estimate, to them being at our house on time, took extra care of our yard and property, and cleaned up after themselves. All this at a very decent price. I could not be more happy with their work. I will be calling Klug’s for all my tree needs in the future. Highly recommended!
five stars

Eric Fuentes-Ruiz

From meeting with Justin for estimate, to having a quote promptly, to having a date to do the work. Nothing but smooth and professional. The work crew performed a great job and made sure it was what we wanted done. Clean up was good and we love the way the trees were trimmed. A+++
five stars

Sandra M

Klug’s made everything convenient and easy for us. Reasonable rates with quick and efficient service! They showed up at the time they scheduled and did a great job. I always search out smaller non-commercialized local businesses for quality and reasonable pricing purposes. Klug’s did amazing all the way around. We’ll be coming back when we need tree services in the future.